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Sanitizer Test Strips at Thomas Scientific sanitizer test strip

Test PH and sanitizer chemical levels with our selection of test strips and meters. WebstaurantStore is your top restaurant supplier - get fast shipping on your.

Commercial sanitizers & test strips are required by health department regulations : the Colorado Retail Food Establishment Rules & Regulations.

Sanitizer test strips help operators ensure the solutions they are using to sanitize dishes has the correct dilution to perform as it should.

Sanitizer Test Strips found in: Chlorine Test Paper Strips, QAC Dual Range Test Strips, Free & Total Chlorine Test Strips, Low Range Hydrogen Peroxide.

Quat Sanitizer. Test Strips. Testing Instructions: 1. Tear off a strip about 1 -2 inches in length. 2. Dip the strip into the sanitizing solution for 10 seconds.