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What did s teenager girls wear to school and on weekends? What were the fashion trends? How can I dress like a '50s teen today?.

Whether you're getting ready for a costume party or you just enjoy retro styles, teen fifties clothing offers cute clothes for teens. Poodle skirts are one of the most recognizable fashions from the fifties. Girls can also wear sweaters with poodle skirts and jeans alike.

Teenage girls were expected to wear skirts and dresses in all but the most casual circumstances. Teenage boys had a little more freedom to be casual, wearing dungarees (or jeans) in the style James Dean and Marlon Brando, popular screen actors of the day. Teen girls in the s.

Want to know what kind of clothes teenage boys and girls wore in the s? Breaking down s teen fashion with trends, styles and pictures. I remember in the 50's, when I was a teenager, a lot of girls would pull in their belts very very .

A '50s teen wearing a fascinator. Fascinators in various guises have gone in and out of fashion since the 19th century. They were a big hit in.