Men: Toothbrush in Ass | - electric toothbrush ass


Vibrating Electronic Toothbrush In The Butt - electric toothbrush ass

Get really hard, get a nice piece of gum and start chewing it, then use a electric toothbrush on your ass, then stick 2 markers in your ass while jacking off.

I'm not against guys doing anal play at all but why an electric toothbrush? Those bristles.I hope you won't put it in your mouth later on. That is.

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Enjoy watching my first homemade solo clip. I show my beautiful crotch for the cam, then stuff my bumhole with a toothbrush and enjoy a.

Water drips from the bristles. Believe me, noone is going to stick an unlubricated phallic object up their ass, and if they did it wouldn't be blotchy.