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What to Do When You Find Your Wife's Sex Toys - The Good Men Project should i sex toy my wife

(Likewise, the partner who desires to use a sex toy should — again, ideally — be able to communicate that desire without being judged.

Sure, I think every married couple that has good communication should introduce sex toys into their sex routine, at a certain point. Statistically, men has x3.

Nine percent of men and 6% of women say they used sex toys in the past .. I could see sex toys as a way for my wife to slowly re-enter our sex.

A little vibration in the bedroom is much more friend than foe. Here are a few reasons why you should stop worrying and learn to love the buzz.

I recently found a box of sex toys my wife has had hidden away. In fact, you should probably thank her for prioritizing self-sexy play. It's likely.