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If you ever visit Haiti and are lucky enough to be invited to a «dans,» or religious service, you must prepare yourself to view something like a.

Homosexuality in Haitian Vodou is religiously acceptable and homosexuals are allowed to participate in all religious activities. However, in countries with large.

Français Vodou (/ˈvoʊduː/, French: [vodu], also written as Vaudou /ˈvoʊduː/; known commonly as Voodoo /ˈvuːduː/, sometimes as Vodun /ˈvoʊduː/.

Sex, death and slaves: Welcome to Haiti's horror carnival on the south coast, and at first glance it plays up to the country's voodoo clichés; but.

Bill Clinton wrote about his voodoo experience in Haiti in his book, but of the ritual, and during that ceremony Hillary had sex with Aristide!.