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You really think a young girl should hear her mother and her mothers BOYFRIEND have sex?! The mother should have some decency! Go get a hotel room.

A video of a little boy doing an impression of his mom having loud sex is making its rounds on the internet and, uh, it would appear the kid heard quite a lot. Knowing kids’ affinities for the aforementioned selectively perfect memories that is exactly what this woman sounds.

A California mother has admitted to having sex with two of her teenage daughters ' friends, who were schoolboys aged 14 and 15 at the time.

Last night, my 14 year old heard us having sex and was furious. For the comfort of your child and teen, I believe you need to make other arrangements. And no kid at that age wants to think of their parent(s) having sex let.

I've heard them having sex, and seen (accidentally) few times. When i was little they use to have sex in the same room after me & my sister slept. Sometimes when I haven't slept i heard my mom moaning which i never heard from her before.