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It's official, you're a sex therapist. That calls for pizza and beer.” “I put in for a transfer back to newborn nursery,” she told her friends and hung up her stethoscope.

The full title is "Tattoos, Beer, and Bow Ties: The Limits of Tattoos, Beer and Bow-ties, a worthy follow up to “Pepperoni Pizza and sex”.

Podcasts, sell-out talks and bedroom therapy — the capital just can't get enough sex education, finds Rebecca Newman. Rebecca Newman.

Big Rick - Read about Pizza Man! Sex! Therapy! Mushrooms! But mostly pizza. He's eaten pizza every day for 25 years. Doctors say he's physically.

Sex Education Therapy Sex Talk - Dr. Jenn's Pubes, Pizza & Sex, Nice Polygamy-Themed Beer, Wives Grabbing Man Junk, Clint's Garage [Podcast] Oct 8.