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Try out these pro tips for tight miters for you next trim project or other If the blade is for a sliding miter saw, be sure the teeth have a hook angle of zero to There are all kinds of ways to find odd angles and for cutting angles in wood, but most.

miter joints (mitre joints), how to make them strong, woodworking joinery. on both sides of a long strip of wood (be careful with feed direction when doing this).

All Steel Precision Miter Box for metal and wood mouldings. Wood Molding Metal Flooring/Trim Cutter. D-Cut TC 2-In-1 Flooring/Trim Cutter Shoe.

The reason I ended up making this funky-looking mitre box was because I needed to resaw some small wood strips into thinner strips. (see the third picture) .

I want to cut some small pieces of hardwood into 1/8" thin plates. The initial pieces are small already, to small for a table saw, can i use a mitre saw? And is a .