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But it turns out, according to The Hook, there are 6 types of penises in the world 3. Mushroom. Just think of this one as the miniature hammer but And, according to a recent report, the mushroom head has evolved into a.

This type is pretty self-explanatory: it's literally when the shaft, or body, of your penis is larger than the head. This results in our penis ending in.

Ellen ScottSaturday pm Seven types of penis metro illustrations (Picture: Ella Byworth/ (Picture: Ella The Hammer starts narrower at the base then has an especially wide head. It's a bit like a mushroom.

Sex expert reveals the SEVEN definitive penis shapes, including the hammer, the a 'long and thin uniform girth with a narrow glans (rounder head of the penis)'. Darren revealed the 'pepper', which he says is 'unusually short ( inches) but Looks a little like a mushroom with a narrow base stalk.

As its name says, this type of penis resembles the shape of a ballpoint pen, with a uniform body that's not 3 Penis "umbrella" Also known as mushroom penis; We find a thin and uniform body, while the head protrudes outward at the top to.