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Discover statistics about pastors in the ministry here, including information about Outline · Child Abuse Prevention Outline · Changing Services from Traditional to . 81% of pastors have been tempted to have inappropriate sexual thoughts or Statistics provided by The Fuller Institute, George Barna, Lifeway, Schaeffer.

church fog stars mountains ministry stats 62 percent of Americans say churches aren't responding well to issues like sexual assault . according to the study by Barna, if they have attended church within the past six.

Statistics reveal that the rapid spread of pornography cannot be ignored. The research studies, primarily by the Barna Group and Covenant.

Few American pastors feel “very qualified” to address sexual brokenness conducted by Barna Group on behalf of The Brushfires Foundation, TrueNorth lust, pornography addiction, gender identity confusion, sexual abuse, among others. There is a great need for ministry leaders to be trained and for.

The Behaviors Americans Count as Sexual Harassment. Recent allegations of sexual harassment against high-profile figures have sparked the #metoo.