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The this paper discusses a nkisi 'fetish' figure, and questions whether, as a museum The object is from the Congo in central Africa; it was accessioned in to the.

Nkondi are mystical idols made by the Kongo people of the Congo region. Nkondi are a . African American artist Kara Walker featured two nkondi figures in her "Kongo Nail Fetishes from the Chiloango River Area," African Arts 36

In the present article I confine myself to the group of African wooden fetish figures . In another article I propose to treat of some other features of the exhibition.

Read and learn for free about the following article: Power Figure (Kongo peoples ) However, several of these “fetish” objects, as they were often termed, were Robert Farris Thompson, Flash of the spirit: African and Afro-American art and.

In traditional, tribal Africa, especially in Zaire, these beliefs are manifested in some of the most expressive and magical power figures ever created. This exhibit .