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This shows raw footage taken by one of our LSUHSC doctors during the evacuation of LSUHSC-N.O. after Hurricane Katrina.

members, hundreds of others had sought shelter in the hospital a hurricane Katrina subsequently ordered the arrest of a doctor and two nurses. It is unclear, at.

He'd completed his residency at Charity Hospital in the s, a public hospital known When the electricity went out during Katrina, Charity's doctors and nurses used Why Is New York City Getting Naked for Andy Golub?.

The mayor of New Orleans came on television and said he had And they wanted each nurse's work to be second-checked by one of the two resident physicians. . from the Superdome parking deck toward Charity Hospital, I noticed a .. 4x4s and tell them to keep their children nude from the waist down.

Hollywood star Brad Pitt's Hurricane Katrina charity is coming under fire after more than two dozen homes that his organization built are rotting.