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department of labour fist class certificate

Applicants for first and second class mine foreman's Qualifications certificates shall be at least twenty-three years of age, and shaU JjJr "twl'^m-l have at least.

Report of the Secretary of Labor and Reports of Bureaus United States. United States such aliens shall surrender their certificate to the immigration official in each renewal: Provided, That the fee for the first renewal shall be in the first class .

A combination of work experience and course completions (either at a Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour, for candidates writing Fourth.

Ministry of Labour Ordinance No of September 30, Skill Training Course for Operations Chiefs of Boiler Installation Work, Skill Chiefs of Work Handling First Class Pressure Vessels related to Chemical. Facilities.

The fee for examination and issuing a first-class certificate shall be five dollars the thirty-first day of December preceding, the name of the operator and office of.