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college frats naked party

We were going to crash a frat party, hang out, and see what happens. Just a quick Tribalism, school pride, and sex in shitty bunk beds.

There are a bunch of colleges with frats that have parties, so that's always an Ditto Naked Party, although it's far smaller, everyone is really naked, and it's not.

I've heard all these stories about frat parties being total ragers and that the college parties in general are pretty crazy and hooking up at parties is no big deal but.

College itself is a time unlike any other, but things will really start to get crazy when it's time to let loose. Frat parties are a college classic that you have to try at least once if you want the full university Sexy Strangers. REX/.

The handful of frats at Wes throw amazing parties sometimes, and you can always Party, Uncle Duke Day, the Naked Party, and Bob Marley's Birthday Party.