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Ordering donor sperm - European Sperm Bank purchasing sperm

To purchase sperm with us, you need to first Get Registered. While you are doing that, read through our website and start looking at the Donor Catalog. We add.

Learn about purchasing donor sperm from Sperm Bank Inc. Find your ideal candidate in our sperm donor database. Start a free sperm donor search today!.

If you’re planning to have a baby via sperm donation, you probably have tons of questions. One of them may be how much buying sperm costs online. Costs will depend on where you buy the sample from, whether this is a sperm bank, a fertility clinic, on a website dedicated to sperm.

Get help to buy sperm straws once you've selected the donor you want to use.

If you still aren't sure what type of sperm you wish to purchase, you can read more about the different options on this page. You're also welcome to contact us.