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Toni Braxton retires from music, says she'd 'like to play a lesbian' in a movie | Daily Mail Online toni braxton is a lesbian

Toni Braxton is getting deep. Real deep. “I have a bit of a cold,” she says, her voice doing that sexy-low thing it does when she sings, “so yeah.

Toni Braxton's loving the ladies. Regardless of lesbian rumors that swirled around years ago, the R&B singer who rode a massive wave to.

Just a couple of days after announcing that she wanted to retire from music on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, embattled R&B singer Toni.

SINGER-turned-actress Toni Braxton wants to perform a girl-on-girl sex scene onscreen. The Un-Break My Heart singer recently stunned fans.

Singer/actress TONI BRAXTON wants to play a lesbian onscreen.