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Do girls like ass to mouth or pussy to mouth? - GirlsAskGuys what do girls think about ass to mouth

Well, if you really like the man, and have been with him long enough, you end up Is it ass to mouth or mouth to ass? .. Is it okay for girls to have anal sex?.

Ass to vagina will VERY like cause a vaginal infection. I know a number of women who've had this happen, Googling you'll see this and it's even been.

EDIT: By ass to mouth I don't mean licking each others butts, that's cool. referring to having anal sex and then the man sticks his penis into the woman's mouth.

Are there woman in the real world who perform ass to mouth? I cannot say that I could even think about kissing a girl who would submit to.

Any girls here do that, or has any of the guys here had ever come across you're asking for a serious case of e-coli sooner or later doing ass to mouth. . I would obviously make sure she was clean but when I think about.