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Thermocouple Terminal Blocks thermocouple terminal strip

Type J, K, T, E, R/S Terminal Blocks; mm Wide with Dual Wire Thermocouple -Grade Alloys; Screw Type Terminal Block DIN Connectors; Maintenance-Free.

Omega's thermocouple terminal blocks are UL-certified, manufactured with thermocouple-grade alloys to guarantee accurate readings & fully enclosed.

DINnector DN series thermocouple terminal blocks facilitate the connection of thermocouple sensor wires, offering an excellent electrical connection with the need for any other compensation metals/contacts. Sold in bulk or convenience quantities, thermocouple terminal blocks.

American Electrical's DIN rail mounted thermocouple terminal blocks are available in types K and J.

Thermoelectric voltage terminal block pair, TC type K, nom. voltage: V, nominal These special terminal blocks are used to extend thermocouple equalizing.