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Queen Latifah Opens Up About Her 'Hard' Decision To Play A Gay Character | HuffPost queen latifha says shes gay

The often-private Queen Latifah gets candid about a slew of serious subjects in Essence alleged sexual abuse she suffered as a child, rumors that she's gay and her. With the help of a therapist, Latifah says she has come to terms with her.

Queen Latifah says she aimed to “bring positive attention to the gay African- American community” with her role in 's “Set It Off.” (Mario.

Queen Latifah opened up about the gay community in the latest issue of “I'm not really sure how people will feel about [Bessie's bisexuality],” Latifah said. are antiquated when it comes to who you love,” she told Uptown.

Queen Latifah has said that she doesn't see being gay or lesbian as a “character flaw”. The year-old, who has never publically spoken.

Last week paparazzi photos leaked of Queen Latifah sharing an intimate moment Latifah's been the subject of gay rumors for as long as she's been in the The photos, which she clearly didn't hide from, may say the rest.