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Rebecca Wanosik was enjoying a normal night at home a few years ago when a friend sent a request her way: Would she be willing to breastfeed a stranger's.

Informal milk sharing refers to breastfeeding someone else's child, sharing milk with strangers, or other methods outside of donating through an.

A FLIGHT attendant has been praised for helping a mum who ran out of formula milk by breastfeeding her baby while in the air. Partisha Organa, 24, went above and beyond for a passenger when she offered to breastfeed her baby. I thought to myself, there’s only one thing I could.

Watching them get frustrated at feeding time, knowing that they are always hungry. This is a reality for many women who try to breastfeed and cannot.

She thought she wasn't producing enough milk, and that the baby wasn't getting full from her breast. She said she didn't want to leave the.