VMA Party Shooting -- Hot Model Hit -- 'My Ass Took A 9mm' Bullet!!! - bullet up my ass


Shot in the Ass - TV Tropes bullet up my ass

What happens if a woman gets shot in the ass with a gun? If you get shot in the arm, is it better for the bullet to exit your body or to stay in your arm?.

I'll put a round in your ass so quick" White cop says to unarmed young black man as he holds a high caliber weapon to his head. Here's a lin.

The Shot in the Ass trope as used in popular culture. Exactly What It Says on the Tin — a character takes a bullet to the hindquarters. The ultimate in .

"Because I was puking my guts out, the doctor gave phenergan butt bullets." A " Butt Bullet", that would be a penis or a dildo/vibrator that goes in the butthole.

The ultimate in Amusing Injuries which, as well as being Only a Flesh Wound, is an assisted Literal Ass-Kicking by a bullet to the buttocks. Or an arrow. Or a bolt.