Sex, Drugs & Alcohol - if you are drunk and have sex


How Sex Changes When You're Drunk or High if you are drunk and have sex

It's fall. Local colleges and universities are back and in full swing and we need to talk about drunken sex and consent. “Why?” you ask. Because if we don't (talk).

If you consent to sex with a condom, but then your partner doesn't use one, that is If they are both drunk, and have sex, is that consensual?.

Some females may have more interest in sex when they've had a few drinks, Also, the more you drink, the worse your genital response and.

Legally someone is too drunk to consent if they are incapacitated. This would apply if, for example: their speech is slurred or incoherent and.

With their consent, you can have sex with someone who is intoxicated, but it may be worth thinking about why you want to be intoxicated or why.