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You can deal with things like low blood sugar, vaginal dryness, or erection problems by looking at them as hurdles you can overcome, instead of roadblocks that put a stop to sex. You may associate prep work more with house painting than with having sex, but it can make intimacy.

If you have diabetes and have had painful sex or trouble getting aroused, though, sex may not seem too sexy. Vaginal dryness is, this twice as likely if you have diabetes. Yeast infections can also cause pain during sex, as well as vaginal dryness.

Learn about how diabetes can cause sexual dysfunction in women from the The sexual response cycle traditionally includes excitement, plateau, orgasm, and.

Diabetes can lead to nerve damage and, in men, lower testosterone may result in painful sex and a reduced ability to experience an orgasm.

Many women with diabetes experience sexual difficulties. Proper nerve signaling and genital blood flow are both necessary for sensation and orgasm.