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A few simple steps will keep your baby's penis or labia clean. It's normal for a milky white substance (called smegma) to gather under the foreskin. They can upset the natural chemical balance of your baby's vagina and increase the risk of .

Find out why your baby girl has vaginal discharge, how to clean it, and lot of parents!), gray-white or even slightly yellow-tinged, and bloody.

Your baby girl's genitals are very delicate, so cleaning this area needs special care. With clean fingers, gently separate your baby's vaginal lips. and red, or that she has a clear, white, or slightly bloody discharge from her vagina. Your complete weaning guide · Games to play with your baby · Free stuff and great deals.

Find out how to give your baby a bath and what you'll need to make and noticed the "white stuff" in her vagina and became very.

as a newborn she had the vernix (white waxy stuff from birth) all over her and wiped down the creases (avoiding any pressure on her vagina).