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Ken Block's New Escort Cosworth Rally Car Is Retrolicious escort cosworth rally cars

Last year, Ken Block built an Escort Cosworth rally car for Gymkhana After he was done filming, he took the car racing. It completed the.

Event, Season, Driver, Co-driver, Car. 1, Portugal Daniel Grataloup, Ford Escort RS Cosworth Luis Moya, Ford Escort WRC.

ESCORT RS COSWORTH WIDEBODY RALLY/GYMKHANA CAR, losing his previous Ford Escort Cosworth Group A rallycar to a fire.

Ken Block's rallying escapades for have been cut short, after he crashed his s Ford Escort Cosworth rally car and it burst into flames.

If you've ever had a major crash or mechanical failure in your car, it pays to have a sense of humour about it all. It's the only way to cope.