Contact Lens Options for People Over 40 - contact lenses for older adults


Types of contact lenses for aging contact lenses for older adults

There are a number of factors to consider when fitting contact lenses to older adults, as there is more to the aging eye than just presbyopia. A variety of changes.

We'll also show you how you can still pick contact lenses over glasses, Many older adults turn to glasses and bifocals with progressive lenses so that they can .

Many seniors have Presbyopia, which is the inability to see clearly at near There are many products and devices that can help people with low vision continue.

Patients who thought they were “too old” for lenses can take advantage of contact lens options.2 How do we begin to manage these patients?.

“The vast majority of people are good candidates for contact lenses,” says soft lenses can even relieve dry-eye issues in some older adults.