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5 Key Ingredients All Young Adult Novels Must Have characterestics of young adult readers

Young adult and adult fiction often overlap boundaries. are certain characteristics that continue to appear and define the young adult genre;.

Characteristic #1: Young Adult Authors Write from the Viewpoint of Young People. In a young adult book that uses the first person narrative, the narrator usually begins the story as an unreliable source. YA literature offers variety of genres (science fiction, romance, fantasy.

Characteristics of young adult lit. 1. 7 Characteristics of YoungAdult Literature; 2. Point of ViewWritten through the eyes of a young personStory.

Over the past decades there have been numerous debates on the value of Young Adult. Literature (YAL). As a genre it has been referred to as: • 'Adult Lite', not.

In this lesson, we'll cover characteristics common to young adult (YA) literature. We'll also explore the history of the young adult category, and discuss some.