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Revocation: When your driver's license is revoked, your driving privileges Attend court, report to community supervision or probation, or to perform A limited driving permit will be revoked by DDS if you are convicted of violating any state law Georgia Department of Driver Services, Post Office Box , Conyers, Ga.

Georgia probation laws provide a mechanism for punishing those found guilty of repay the municipality or county for medical care they received while incarcerated; and federal laws;; waive extradition, if out of state travel or relocation is permitted; Georgia probation laws permit the court to require that the probationer.

But there are procedures in place to allow a person to move out of the county or state. A common alternative is called “mail-in probation.” Mail in probation allows .

If you are on probation for a felony, you need a TRAVEL PERMIT before you can leave the state DUI is usually a misdemeanor in Georgia.

Hall County Probation Services was created to hold misdemeanor probationers accountable to the courts and the community for the criminal sentence they.