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Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) | Wechsler IQ Test adult iq score

A score below 70 may indicate problems in understanding the iQ questions This would, according to recent research, correspond to about IQ at adult age.

In order to understand what an average IQ score is and what it means, it is Adult Intelligence Scale and the Stanford-Binet test, scores that fall.

Learn more about how IQ test scores are assessed and what percentage of people are High IQ: Any score over ; Genius IQ Score: and up . How Does the Weschsler Adult Intelligence Scale Measure Intelligence?.

An IQ scale and IQ test score guide to explain the meaning of your IQ score.

IQ classification is the practice by IQ test publishers of labeling IQ score ranges with category . The Wechsler IQ tests for children and for adults are the most frequently used individual IQ tests in the English-speaking world and in their.